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1 in 4 HIV Patients Have Neurological Diseases: Study

1 in 4 HIV Patients Have Neurological Diseases: Study

MONDAY, Oct. 4 (HealthDay News) — One in four people infected with HIV suffer from neurological complications, new Canadian research reveals. And those that do have such problems harbor double the risk of dying compared with HIV patients who are not plagued with neurological diseases, the study authors reported in the Sept. 28 issue of […]

New Kind of Antiretroviral, KP-1461; Clinical Trial Recruiting. Interview with Stephen Becker, M.D.

by John S. James Summary: KP-1461, an experimental HIV drug already in a phase II trial, works so differently from other antiretrovirals that at first glance it looked like science fiction, and we found it hard to take seriously as a current possibility today. In fact this drug is highly credible, and based on elegant […]

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